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The Studio North Dance Arts Story

Behind the Movement

At Studio North Dance Arts, we believe that dance is for everyone - whether beginning as a preschooler, continuing as a teen, or returning as an adult (or trying something new as a teen or adult!). Our classes are designed to encourage discipline and creativity in all of our students while teaching the technical concepts of the art of dance. Dance class is beneficial for every age group - teaching young students how to be in a class room and follow direction,  helping all to be physically active, and developing a love of the arts. 

We offer once a week classes for the recreational students who enjoy multiple interests, such as sports, theatre or musical instruments, as well as a more intensive program for the older dance student who has decided that dance is his or her passion.

Our school year runs September through May, culminating in a recital for family and friends at the end of the year. We accept new registrations through December, and sometimes later if we feel a student will be able to successful integrate into the class and have an enjoyable experience. We offer an 8 week session starting in June, as well as DANCEcamps for ages 3-12 during August for those who want to continue through the summer months.

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