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Programs for
Second through Fourth Grade

ages 7-10

Our Elementary 1 programs encompass dance classes for second through fourth grade students in ballet, jazz, tap, acro, modern, and hip-hop. Our classes are not just about learning dance moves, but about fostering friendships, having fun, and engaging in a collaborative learning environment. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping each student develop their skills while increasing their strength and coordination. Our program provides a supportive atmosphere where your child will be able to express themselves creatively while also building confidence and discipline. Enroll your child in our dance classes today and watch them flourish in a fun and interactive environment!

45 minute weekly class      1 recital dance      no pre-requisites

Elementary 1 Ballet is our first formal introduction to a typical ballet class format - warm-up, ballet barre, centre work, and around the room, finishing with reverence. Students learn correct terminology and proper technique while engaging in creative exploration of classical ballets. Ballet provides a strong technical base and understanding of movement for all styles of dance.

45 minute weekly class      1 recital dance      no pre-requisites

Our Elementary 1 Jazz students are building on the basics of classic jazz dance technique to popular and age appropriate music.  Some examples of the technique our jazz students will learn include turns, kicks, pas de bourees, leaps and body isolations. Elementary 1 Ballet and Elementary 1 Tap are recommended for development of technique and performance, as well as musicality.

45 minute weekly class      1 recital dance      no pre-requisites

In this program students will be learning the basics of Broadway style tap technique as well as building on their sense of rhythm, musicality, and their confidence when it comes to performances. Our tappers love dancing to popular, age-appropriate music and getting LOUD! Elementary 1 Ballet and Jazz are recommended to aid I n development of presentation, ease of movement and presentation.

45 minute weekly class      1 recital dance      no pre-requisites

Kids love to move and groove to today’s upbeat pop songs, learning steps they see in popular kids shows, on Tik-Tok and YouTube. Students learn basic hip-hop technique and style while developing musicality and strength. Costumes and music are always age appropriate and fun! Elementary 1 Acro is recommended to develop full body coordination and strength.

45 minute weekly class      1 recital dance      no pre-requisites

This program is our introduction to the world of modern dance. Dancers are introduced to various modern dance styles, including Limon, Dunham and Hortorn techniques throughout the year. Modern explores the contrast of stretch/flex, expand/contact, straight/curved and is the basis of today’s contemporary style of dance. Elementary 1 Ballet is strongly recommended in conjunction with Modern to develop technique and movement quality.

45 minute weekly class      1 recital dance      no pre-requisites

We’ve known for a long time that kids love nothing more than attempting and perfecting new “tricks.”  Remember learning a cartwheel? We sure do, and it’s that sense of pride and exhilaration that we love to pass on to all students! Our Acro program is taught by our fully qualified teachers and students work on skills at their level in class, allowing them to develop at their own pace. Elementary 1 Ballet or Jazz is recommended in conjunction with Acro to aid in the development of dance skills and body awareness.

Click to save your place in classes. Unsure which class is right for your child? Contact our office at or 413.662.2229 and we'll set up a FREE trial class for your growing dancer!

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