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Programs for Preschoolers

ages 3-5

Our signature foundations programs for preschoolers, these classes introduce children to the dance classroom through creative movement, basic dance steps, songs and games. Young students learn HOW to be in a dance class - taking turns, waiting in line, sharing, when to listen and when to speak. Lessons are based on the nationally recognized Leap n' Learn children's dance syllabus.

Students must meet the age guideline by October 31st and be fully potty-trained and able to attend class independent of a parent.

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45 min weekly class           1 recital dance

Our signature introductory program for pre-school students, this class develops coordination, basic motor skills, musical awareness, and listening skills while helping students tap into their natural creativity in a stress free and fun environment. Boys and girls gain a sense of joy and accomplishment while learning how to be in a dance classroom. Sharing this positive experience with their peers, students gain an understanding of teamwork that positively benefits and influences their everyday lives. Basic ballet and tap dance skills are combined with songs, games, and movement skills to engage the students’ attention and imagination in class.

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45 min weekly class           1 recital dance

Hippity-Hop brings the excitement of hip-hop and acrobatics to preschool students. We use music they know and love while learning beginner dance moves with a hip-hop and Acro basis. They learn all about warming up, stretching, role playing and obstacle courses to foster a love for dance and enhance gross motor skills.

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