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Advanced Beginner Programs for Fifth Grade & above

ages 10 & up

Our Elementary 2 programs are the perfect starting place for new dancers age 10 and up, as well as a continuing development opportunity for students from our Elementary 1 programs. Our classes offer a wide range of styles, from ballet to hip-hop to tap and more, and no prior experience is necessary.

Our experienced instructors guide students through each step, providing personalized attention and support to help your child reach their goals. Our Elementary 2 programs provide  the opportunity to make new friends and build lasting relationships as you learn and grow together. 

1 hour weekly class      1 recital dance per class      no pre-requisites 

Elementary 2 programs include:

  • Elementary 2 Ballet

  • Elementary 2 Jazz

  • Elementary 2 Tap

  • Elementary 2 Hip-Hop

  • Elementary 2 Modern

  • Elementary 2 Acro

Each style is a 2-4 year program depending on individual student mastery of required skills. While not required, a ballet class is highly recommend in conjunction with all styles.

Click to save your place in classes. Unsure which class is right for your child? Contact our office at or 413.662.2229 and we'll set up a FREE trial class for your growing dancer!

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