Intermediate Programs for Experienced Students in Sixth  Grade & Above

ages 11 & up

Our Intermediate programs continue to build on the foundations laid in our Elementary 2 level.  Styles offered include ballet, jazz, tap, modern, Acro and hip-hop.  Ballet continues to be recommended for all students to aid in development of technique and performance skills.


2-4 year programs                     1 hour weekly class                 1 recital dance per class

Intermediate classes build on the skill and theory foundations set in Elementary 2 classes in an inclusive and encouraging setting designed to meet the individual needs and goals of  each student.

Students are required to have a minimum of 2 years experience in our Elementary 2 programs (or equivalent) and have the teacher's recommendations. Movement through our programs is determined by skill mastery, not by the number of years at a level or age.

Styles include ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip-hop and acrobatics.