Get Up & Move Classes

Classes ages 7 and up

Our Get Up & Move program includes beginner and advanced beginner classes in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, acrodance and hip-hop for boys and girls ages 7 and up who are continuing students looking to grow or for new students ages 8 & up looking to discover the joy of dance. Correct technique and terminology are the focus of these classes, as well as the development of student artistry. 

Classes are designed to suit dancers of all commitment levels - from once a week recreational students to more dedicated students wishing to study multiple disciplines over several days. Students progress through levels at their own pace as they master each level's required skills and technique. We focus on the student's individual success and development, striving to help each child reach their personal best on and off stage.


Elementary 1 Classes

new ages 8-9/experienced ages 7-9      

2-4 year program        45 minute weekly class          1 recital dance per class

Our Elementary 1 program continues on theory and skills introduced in our previous levels and is an entry point for children ages 8-9 that are looking to begin their dance journey. Using a traditional classroom structure, focus is on development and correct execution of technique and proper dance vocabulary and  rhythm development. 

Elementary 1 Ballet           Elementary 1 Jazz          Elementary 1 Tap          Elementary 1 Hip-Hop

Elementary 1 Modern        AcroDance ages 5-9        


Elementary 2 Classes

new ages 10+/experienced ages 9+         

2-4 year program         1 hour weekly class               1 recital dance per class

Elementary 2 classes continue to advance technique and theory learned in previous levels while building core strength and developing performance quality. These advanced beginner classes are the entry point for older students, ages 10 and up, and set the stage for future growth in our Intermediate and Senior levels.

Elementary 2 Ballet          Elementary 2 Jazz           Elementary 2 Tap          Elementary 2 Hip-Hop         

Elementary 2 Modern       AcroDance ages 9+

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